ARTITOODE, created with the aim of establishing an innovative and international reference point for all art lovers, is social commerce able to connect the different operators of the sector, combining online and live channels, with the potential of the online platform and an innovative publishing project. Artists, gallery owners and dealers are part of an exclusive community able to establish strong ties, encouraging online meetings and stimulating professional and business growth.

The active networking generated by ARTITOODE will ensure the development of new ideas linked with the art world and will help to increase the online art collecting. Those characteristics generate a dynamic dialogue between different polyhedral realities and artists.

The profiles to connect are different and can be customizable according to the needs and purposes of each user. Here some examples:

  • The Showcase Profile allows you to present your activity at 360 degree in addition with a complete introduction of your professional profile. The user can consult and publish news, offer its services, publish artworks, buy and participate in events.
  • The E-commerce Profile guarantees, beside the specific services of the showcase profile, the possibility to sell your works to the other ARTITOODE users. Each profile can be managed autonomously by the artist, putting the products for sale, organizing the couriers and advertising news and offers.
  • The Media & Contributor Profile is reserved to all the publicists, press officers and journalists. It allows to publish articles, news, press releases, enriching them with images and information relating to the art world. In the personal area, each user will have the possibility to create an individual presentation, publishing his/her own biography, contacts and profile picture.
  • The Lover Profile allows you to buy pieces from the artists of the website, read press releases, news and to join events along with all the contents of the website. It also allows you to contact all the artists asking information about their creations.

Through the imaginative power of art in its many manifestations, we intend to activate new synergies by giving voice to artists in prestigious location by creating a meeting point in order to stimulate dialogues, interactions and exchanges among the most diverse disciplines.

ARTITOODE is an art platform for creative and digital-friendly people, a place where developing a new form of collecting and showing artworks. With its online window, ARTITOODE aims to create an art open-minded and international community. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of it!

ARTITOODE is a space where creatives can fully express themselves: through its rich offer of services, online and offline displays, blog articles and day by day support, ARTITOODE aims to establish an international and active art community online. If you want to expand your borders, improve your art network and develop new projects, ARTITOODE is your opportunity!