The Museo Nacional del Prado offers “Reflections of the Cosmos” through 20 works in its collection

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With the support of American Friends of the Prado Museum, thanks to the generosity of The Arthur & Holly Magill Foundation, the Museo Nacional del Prado offers, from today and until October 16th, the itinerary “Reflections of the Cosmos” created by Astrophysicist, Montserrat Villar. The route reflects how the changing perception and knowledge of the cosmos was reflected in art of the past.

The breadth of the Prado’s collection makes this perspective based on the history of astronomy possible and invites us to focus on these concepts in a selection of 20 works of art from artist such as Patinir, Rubens, Murillo, Zurbarán or Tiepolo. The itinerary is accompanied with a publication and audioguide.

Discover how art and science connect in this fascinating progression of knowledge over time.

Itineraries at the Museo del Prado are an invitation to contemplate the museum with a different perspective. These are undertaken in collaboration with recognized professionals from disciplines outside the museum. The objective is to offer the visitor a distinct, yet rigorous, perspective on the collection.

This occurs with “Reflections of the Cosmos in the Prado Museum”, the fascinating astronomical itinerary created by Montserrat Villar, astrophysicist of the CSIC in Spain, which includes works of art from artists such as Patinir, Rubens, Murillo or Tiepolo. The cosmos, its bodies and movements, have always been fascinating. With this itinerary, works of art from the Museo del Prado serve as representations of our evolving perception of the universe and our place in it.

“Reflections of the Cosmos in the Museo del Prado” is made up of four independent and complementary routes:The myth of the flat Earth, Myths in the stars, When the Moon lost its purity and The telescope revolution.

August 4 2022