Art. 48

The artwork consists of mixed techniques between acrylic and gouache. A large mix of pink and white on a gray background with hints of blue and yellow.

depending on the light, the painting gives an almost neon pink touch and is meant to pop your interior with love.

love is tender and beautiful but also sprawling and impatient. Love gives us energy and peace, but it also makes us lose our composure and run in all directions at the same time as if we have gone a little crazy.

love consists of attraction, love and crazy passion and makes us want to sacrifice everything to lose ourselves completely in it.

Regardless of the nuances, our whole existence and our life is dependent on love and therefore this work of art can be a point in your home to rest your eyes on, and reflect on the love of your life. Trying to understand love or stating that we do not understand it, but it's ok. Seek love, give love and let yourself be captivated by it.

€  3.800,00
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